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Review the latest Cochrane Community Housing Needs Assessment 

To view the 2019 Annual Report, please click here.               


The CSHO Board of Directors posed the following questions regarding affordable housing to candidates running in the October 2021 Town of Cochrane election. 

What will you do, as a Town Councilor, to ensure there is a sufficient supply of affordable non-market and market housing that reflects the diversity of our community now and in the future? 

Do you believe ensuring there is sufficient affordable housing available within our community to those who are in need benefits the community as a whole? If so, what are the benefits? 

Here are the responses we have recieved. 

Alex Reed

I have gone on record, during your last presentation to Town Council, to say that adequate and affordable housing is essential for all citizens of our community for both their survival, dignity and I consider it to be a human right. Without a right to housing, many other basic human rights are compromised including the right to family life and privacy, the right to freedom of movement, the right to assembly and association, the right to health and the right to development. When these additional rights are lost our communities are challenged with major social and economic challenges. What I would do is support those recommendations that you brought forth to Town Council.

Marni Fedeyko

I loved the presentation CSHO made to Council. It was informative and painted a very clear picture of the growing need in our community. As a single mom, I understand the need to provide housing options for all walks of life. When I have inquired in the past about the waitlist for some individuals to rent one of our subsidized suites, it is often relayed that the list and timeline are lengthy. Right now, especially with the housing market, there is a real push from all levels of government in terms of supporting those in need. I guess I would like to know if CSHO has the capacity to seek out these grants and write for them? I know that is a process on its own., and I am not sure if we currently have staff (or enough staff) to carry this out.
I also would like us to be more creative and push on our developers and builders. I love the idea of incorporating Tiny Homes into a community master plan. I have chatted with many people over time about this, and have heard lots of support from baby boomers who are downsizing. I often hear them say they don't want a ton of stairs, but they still want their own footprint. This is where I think we can do better. We have smaller two storeys and townhomes with multiple flights of stairs, but no small bungalows or bilevels it seems with few stairs to navigate. I would like us to explore this. Whether for affordability or not, not everyone wants a big estate lot and we need to cater to all ages, incomes, and desires.
I feel the report brought forth to Council, highlighted the need very well and the need is only growing. We need to create options (hopefully centrally located that can help), and we need to get going sooner than later. The benefits....that is easy...Cochrane is and should always be home for all. The more housing options available makes us a desired community and one rich with culture and diversity
Susan Flowers
As a town councillor I Fully support increasing our affordable housing units in the community of Cochrane. I would personally invite the housing society to meet with council to begin discussions about how the partnership can move forward. I would encourage a project to be developed during this next term that can begin to meet the needs of the community.

I believe everyone should have a roof over their heads and the opportunity to flourish in the Cochrane community.  We have learned through research that having safe and affordable housing is needed before other issues in our lives can be worked on. We all benefit when everyone in the community is safely housed. Appropriate housing leads to healthier children, more support to small businesses locally and school and employment opportunities.