How can I apply for tenancy with Cochrane Society for Housing Options?

A. You will need to fill out a wait list application, which can be found on our website under qualifying criteria for rental units or visit us in-person at 209 2nd Ave. West.

What methods do you have for rent payment?

A. The easiest way to pay rent is through our Personal Pre-Authorized Debit Plan. You can also pay by cheque or money order. We do not accept cash payments for rent.

What day is my rent due?

A. Rent is due on the first of every month.

Are we allowed pets?

A. Pets are NOT allowed in any of our units, except for properly registered service and guide dogs. 

Are any of your properties subsidized, or do you have market tenants?

A. Unfortunately, we do not have subsidized units. Our rentals are listed at 10% below market value.